Plant Görlitz 2019

Plant Görlitz

In order to be able to react to the strongly growing demand for Argeton cladding tiles, the company began building a new production line at the plant in Görlitz in 2007.

Since February 2008, production has been up and running in the 92 m-long twin-chambered roll furnace, which, in addition to the popular tile formats, can produce heights of 150 to 500mm and lengths up to 1,500mm. Up to 1,500m2 of cladding tiles can be produced a day and with this production output Wienerberger GmbH is one of the largest producers of ceramic cladding tiles in Europe.

Plant Görlitz 2019
Plant Görlitz 2019

In a roller kiln conceived especially for this purpose, the extruded tile-plates are fired at high temperatures, individually and carefully coordinated depending on their respective shades. Achieving long-lasting weather-resistant quality is the utmost priority. The exact dimensioning of the Argeton tile-plates is guaranteed by a special calibrating facility – the essential element of the precise joint grid which lends the façade its overall impression.

Ultra-modern laser-controlled conveying and production logistics guarantee an economical and flexible production process as well as excellent quality control and packaging.


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The new drone video of our Argeton plant. Look and see! - Craftsmanship, hard work and expertise are all coming together in the Argeton factory in Görlitz.

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