Argeton Zubehör


Fit for purpose for each construction. 
The Argeton system of panels and accessories is well thought through. Argeton offers the right accessory for each substructure. Clamps or clips are used to attach the panels to it. Joint profiles, joint abutment and spring profiles are used for further optimal fixation. To make the corner solution work, corner profiles can be provided. 

Clips and clamps

Clamps for horizontal substructure

The substructure consists of vertical T-profiles, anchored to the building with wall brackets. The Argeton panels are fixed by using aluminium clamps in the vertical T-profiles. Joint profiles must be placed in the vertical joints.

Clips for vertical substructure

The substructure consists of vertical L-profiles anchored to the building with wall brackets. Horizontal aluminium rails are installed on the basic substructure. The distance between the rails depends on the height of the tiles. The tiles are fastened to the horizontal rails with aluminium clips. Joint profiles are arranged for and appropriate to prevent lateral movements of the tiles in the vertical joints.

Further accessories

Joint profiles

Joint profiles must be used for assemblies with vertical or horizontal substructure. They prevent lateral movements of the façade tiles and ensure the tiles sit securely in the clips or clamps. With the joint profiles, water is prevented from penetrating the vertical or horizontal joint.

Aluminium joint profiles are available either for 8mm or 4mm wide vertical joints. The profiles come in a length of 3m. Profiles can be standard supplied in the colours RAL 1015 light ivory, RAL 7005 mouse grey, RAL 7015 slate grey and RAL 8004 copper brown.

Joint abutment profile

Abutment joints are designed for wall finishes, available in width of 4mm. 

Spring profile

Spring profiles should be used for connections (e.g. building corners with a miter cut), where it is not feasible to install joint profiles. The profiles ensure that the tiles are firmly pressed into the clips or clamps and kept there. 

Corner profile

On request, aluminium corner profiles are available in blank appearance, anodized or coloured corresponding to the RAL colours system.

Horizontal Carrier Rail

On a horizontal substructure tiles can be fixed with clips on the horizontal carrier rail.

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