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Vertical Substructure

The substructure consists of vertical T-profiles, anchored to the building with wall brackets. The Argeton panels are fixed by using aluminium clamps in the vertical T-profiles. Joint profiles must be placed in the vertical joints.

Step 01

Anchoring of wall consoles

Step 02

Installation of thermal insulation

Step 03

Installation of aluminium T-profiles on wall consoles

Step 04

Fixing the bottom clips

Step 05

Fixing the joint profiles

Step 06

Installation of the bottom tile row

Step 07

Installation of middle tile rows with middle clips

Step 08

Installation of the top tile row

Substructure and insulation

For the vertical basic substructure, aluminium wall brackets are anchored in statically required intervals on the building wall. Afterwards, thermal insulation is applied to the previously cleaned surface of the wall. The choice of insulation material in each individual case depends on the property and its particular requirements. The T-profiles are aligned with the consoles and fastened with approved fasteners such as rivets or screws.

Installation of Argeton tiles

First, the bottom clips have to be fixed, always two per Argeton tile, onto the T-profiles with blind rivets or screws. In the next step, the tiles can be installed onto the clips. The fixation of the tiles is carried out by installing the middle clips onto the T-profile. This procedure has to be repeated for every row up to the top of the façade. The top row is to be fixed by a special top clip. The joint profiles have to be placed between the tiles as soon as the first tile row has been completed.

Installation Video:

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