Argeton facade on office building in London, St.Ives

Individual Panels

Curved, angular or flat - we make the shape you want. Countless projects have already been developed bespoke and successfully implemented.

The individual terracotta panels comply with the German regulation with reference Z-10.3-784. This meets the high standards of the German construction industry as well as the requirements of DIN 18516 Part 1, which specifically applies to ventilated, thermally insulated façades.

Whether horizontally or vertically-oriented panels or sunscreens, elements can be mounted easily and safely with the accessories developed for this purpose.

Sustainability plays an important role for us. The EPD certificate confirms the sustainability of the products, above all through the natural material clay, which is the main component of the terracotta panels and is also mined in Görlitz, Germany. 

Individual shapes and colours or glazes create unique façades. We are glad to be able to competently support you in the realization of your individual projects.



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