Collective dwelling with 50 housings. 3682 m² SP 5.15 M€ HT. Siding's implementation of 2400 m2. Ilot C9, ZAC du Grand Large - Neptune 59140 DUNKERQUE. Panels Argeton Argelite 200/640 Gris Volcan, Gris minéral, Gris clair, Bleu glacier, Blanc perle.


Stylish and non-complicated – due to its low weight Argelite is ideal for renovations.
Argeton’s Argelite panel is a product made of natural clay and contains no harmful substances. In the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) its sustainability is assessed and verified.

  • Protection against bad weather and rainwater
  • Humidity control, no risk of condensation
  • Effective acoustic insulation

Merits and Benefits of Argelite façade tiles

  • Due to the low weight of approx. 31kg/m² caused by the low tile thickness, especially suitable for renovation work
  • Two mounting options: aluminium or wooden basic substructure
  • Clay as a sustainable, natural material ensures durability
  • Minimized thermal bridges through thermostops on wall brackets
  • Suitable for low-energy and passive house construction
  • Building tolerances can be easily compensated
  • Window or building corner connections are easy to implement with the horizontal rail
  • The brick plate can be cut horizontally and vertically, which allows a high degree of flexibility on the construction site
  • Installation of the façade from the top to the bottom or the other way around is possible

The Argelite tile is a certified and tested terracotta quality product for the ventilated façade. The Argeton product complies with the German regulation with reference Z-10.3-730. The product has been technically tested and confirmed to be compliant by several independent institutes. The Argeton Argelite tile meets the high standards of the German construction industry as well as the requirements of DIN 18516 Part 1, which specifically applies to ventilated, thermally insulated façades.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.




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Individual Shapes

Bespoke tile shapes for unique architecture.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.


We offer 6 surface textures.