Preschool of 1325 m2 and High Environmental Quality building. Ecole maternelle Simone Veil, 1 rue Nelson Mandela 94390 VILLIERS SUR MARNE. Panels Argeton Barro 50 x 50 Emaillé Rouge, Bleu clair, Jaune, Lilas, Rose.

Barro Sunscreens

The individual façade accentuation and sun protector.
Argeton’s Barro brick bar is a product made of natural clay and contains no harmful substances. In the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) its sustainability is assessed and verified.

Merits and Benefits of Barro façade tiles

  • Dimensional stability
  • Frost resistant (according to DIN 52252, part 1)
  • Non-fade / UV resistant
  • Fire protection classification A1 (DIN 4102, EN 13501-1), non-flammable
  • Scratch hardness Mohs scale 6-7
  • Resistant to aggressive substances
  • Great variety of formats and colours
  • The fasteners are hidden.
  • Long life durability
  • No maintenance costs
  • Sustainable
  • Fully recyclable

At Argeton Gmbh, the sunscreens are called Barros. With Argeton Barro Baquettes façades gain a special, individual shape. The Barros can be produced project-specifically and used for a variety of purposes. With distances between them (that may differ per design), the façade surface can vary from one to another. Barros are functionally used for sun protection when mounted in front of or above windows, or used as screens, horizontally installed as well as vertically, in front of whole elevations. One of the many application fields is car park buildings.

The Barro Baguettes can be manufactured in rectangular, square, elliptic or another desired shape. Please see below the overview of the existing profiles. An overview of our standard and glaze colours can be found here.

Exclusive and proprietary protected unique colours as well as colour gradients with e.g. metallic appearances can be obtained through our new Barro Supreme © collection. The Supremes are coloured on all four sides, making it a functional design item from all perspectives.

Like our Argeton’s Façade Terracotta panels Tampa, Terzo, Lineo, Altivo and Danza, Barro Terracotta Baguettes are made of clay from natural resources and contain no harmful substances.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.




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Individual Shapes

Bespoke tile shapes for unique architecture.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.


We offer 6 surface textures.