Argeton Reference Tampa Community Library in Vancouver, USA

Standard Profile

The classic standard profiles, that gives the building a clear look-clarity in form and without grooves.


The classic facade tile for a clean building appearance.


False joints in the surface in various widths and distances create a lively facade look.


A stylish horizontal linear structure created by 3 mm deep grooves.


The overlap of the individual panels creates a fascinating play of shades, depending on how the light falls on the building facade.


Vertical oriented facade tiles. The new trend in terracotta facade design.


In addition to its function as an architectural design element, the brick bar can also be used as sun shade or screen.


With its low weight the Argelite facade tile is also ideal for building refurbishments.

Ceramic Corner

Straight-line corners for a perfect terracotta facade down to the very last detail.

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Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.