Reconversion and extension, including the premises of the GRED in a unique building which associates with the spaces of research for the premises of education (teaching), amphitheaters, a tree nursery of company and common premises. Differents elements of terracotta enamelled black iridescent are combined. CRBC, 26 place Henri Dunant 63000 CLERMONT FERRAND. Panels Argeton Double Peau Pétrole.

Ceramic Corner

A straight-line and clean corner processing has been made of baked clay ensured by a façade that’s perfect down to the last detail.

  • Protection against bad weather and rainwater
  • Humidity control, no risk of condensation
  • Effective acoustic insulation

Merits and Benefits of Ceramic Corner façade tiles

  • Dimensional stability
  • Frost resistant (according to DIN 52252, part 1)
  • Non-fade / UV resistant
  • Fire protection classification A1 (DIN 4102, EN 13501-1), non-flammable
  • Scratch hardness Mohs scale 6-7
  • Resistant to aggressive substances
  • Great variety of formats and colours
  • The fasteners are hidden. There are no outlet trace marks on the façade surface
  • Fit for the purpose of new constructions and renovations
  • All tile dimensions are also suitable for building heights over 100 m
  • Long life durability
  • No maintenance costs
  • Sustainable
  • Fully recyclable
Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.




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Individual Shapes

Bespoke tile shapes for unique architecture.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.


We offer 6 surface textures.