Male and female project manager collaborating in front of computer screen at office, Fast Forward Procurement

Team Argeton

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our service personnel.

Argeton Staff Picture Manfred Kühler

Manfred Kühler

Key Account Manager GER, AUT, NL, CHE, LTU

Mobil: +49 (172) 684 97 88

Argeton Staff Picture Siegfried Gummels

Siegfried Gummels

Sales Manager, Export

Mobil: +49 (151) 727 27 042

Mockup Foto

Sebastian Weynand

Key Account Manager Export

Tel: +49 160 2862616 

Mockup Foto

Maurice Emmermann

Key Account Manager Export

Tel: +49 160 92293899

Argeton Staff Picture Carola Friedrich

Carola Friedrich

Sales & Service

Tel: +49 (3581) 3839 - 320

Argeton Staff Picture Doreen Bänsch

Doreen Bänsch

Sales & Service

Tel: +49 (3581) 3839 - 321

Mockup Foto

Stefanie Schmidt 

Sales & Service

Tel: +49 (3581) 3839325


Argeton Staff Picture Beate Schmidt

Beate Schmidt

Plant Assistant / HR 

Tel: +49 (3581) 3839 - 325

Argeton Staff Picture Doreen Anders

Doreen Anders


Argeton Staff Picture Michael Langbein

Michael Langbein

Plant Manager

Mockup Foto

Jakub Kowalow 

Application Engineer

Tel: +49 151 54218 - 824


Mockup Foto

Matthias Kieslich 

Head of Production



Argeton Staff Picture Thomas Niesel

Thomas Niesel

Operations Officer

Argeton Staff Picture Gerold Mühle

Gerold Mühle

Head of Laboratory

Argeton Staff Picture Torsten Funke

Torsten Funke

Workers Council

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Individual Shapes

Bespoke tile shapes for unique architecture.

Colour Range

26 colours enable a natural and subtle colour design.


We offer 6 surface textures.