Collective dwelling with 50 housings. 3682 m² SP 5.15 M€ HT. Siding's implementation of 2400 m2. Ilot C9, ZAC du Grand Large - Neptune 59140 DUNKERQUE. Panels Argeton Argelite 200/640 Gris Volcan, Gris minéral, Gris clair, Bleu glacier, Blanc perle.


The installation of Argelite systems can be carried out either on an aluminium or on a wooden substructure.

Step 01

Argelite installation

For the vertical base substructure, aluminium cleats are anchored to the building wall in statically required intervals with approved anchors. To minimize the thermal bridge, special thermostops are used between the wall and the console.

Step 02

Argelite installation

The laying of the insulation boards on the previously cleaned wall surface is carried out in compliance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Normally, high-quality mineral-fiber insulation materials are used.

Step 03

Argelite installation

Vertical, angled aluminium support profiles are aligned with the wall brackets and fastened with approved connecting elements such as blind rivets or screws.

Step 04

Argelite installation

The special horizontal Argelite support rails are fastened to the vertical support profiles in the height grid of the tile slabs with screws. The exact dimensions for the arrangement of the support rails can be found in the Argelite installation dimensions.

Step 05

Argelite installation

When mounting the tiles, no prescribed sequence is to be observed. The installation can be carried out either from the bottom upwards or vice versa.
The tiles are slightly angled with the upper plate fold and are guided into the lower opening of the aluminium support rail. The lowest hook on the back of the plate is then inserted into the profiling of the lower support rail.

Step 06

Argelite installation

Each Argelite tile is secured with an EPDM spacer after mounting. The EPDM spacers secure a 4mm wide vertical joint and firmly fix the tile slabs in the support rails. Due to the shape of the spacers, the support rails are completely covered so that they are not visible through the open vertical joints of the mounted façade.

Installation Video:

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