Argeton Barro Brick Bar Natural Red


Cladded, ventilated façade panels, made of clay and combining particularly well with steel, glass or wood in newly-constructed buildings – and they also lend renovation projects a modern character.

  • Protection against bad weather and rainwater
  • Humidity control, no risk of condensation
  • Avoids thermal bridges
  • Effective acoustic insulation

Merits and Benefits of Argeton façade tiles

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Dimensional stability

The terracotta panels are always within tolerances.


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Great variety of formats and colours

In addition to the large standard range, individual shapes and colours can always be developed.

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Frost resistant

According to DIN 52252, part 1

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Hidden fasteners

There are no outlet trace marks on the façade surface.

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Non-fade / UV resistant

Argeton façades are non-fade and UV resistant.

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Fit for the purpose of new constructions and renovations

The Argeton panels are just as well suited for new constructions as for renovations.

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Fire protection

 Fire protection classification A1 (DIN 4102, EN 13501-1), non-flammable.

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High buildings

All tile dimensions are also suitable for building heights over 100m.

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Ball impact safety

We are one of the few who have tested and certified ball impact safety according to DIN 18032-3.

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Long life durability

We guarantee long life durability for our Argeton products.

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Scratch hardness Mohs scale 6-7

The terracotta panels reach high scratch hardness.

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No maintenance costs

There are no maintenance costs, as the clay panels are cleaned by the natural weather.

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Resistant to aggressive substances

Argeton façades are resistant to aggressive substances. This is tested according to the standard DIN EN DIN EN 10545-13.

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Natural clay is mined from the mine right next to the factory. The terracotta product then provides a natural, comfortable living environment.

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Sound insulation

Improvement of sound insulation up to 13-dB possible.

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Fully recyclable

Argeton terracotta products can be completely recycled or reused.

Standard Profiles

The classic standard profiles, that gives the building a clear look-clarity in form and without grooves.

Individual Shapes

Special shapes are developed for unique architecture according to customer requirements. 

Colour range

In addition to the standard colours, glazes are also possible in almost unlimited variety according to individual wishes.


Different surface textures of the tile panels lead to different appearances due to light and shadow on the façade. Individual textures can be developed at any time according to the customer's wishes.


Fit for purpose for each construction. 


Browse our reference projects and find details of the products used.

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